Organist & Harpsichordist
❈ Vita.

Native to the city of Marienberg – the heart of the South-Saxon Erzgebirge –, where he received his first training on keyboard instruments, the French horn, and on the recorder from KMD Karl-Heinz Gnida, Roy Heyne commenced his course of studies at Dresden »Hochschule für Kirchenmusik« with organ music (Merit Eichhorn, KMD Dietrich Wagler), piano performance (prof. Sabine Bräutigam), and musical direction (prof. Dr. Christfried Brödel/prof. Matthias Geissler) as his major subjects. Further focal point was the instruction on both harpsichord as well as basso continuo playing by Raphael Alpermann, and on the ‘dulcet’ flute by Gudrun Strohhäcker. Roy Heyne finished his studies with the diploma in church music on B level (i.e. B.Mus.).

Subsequently, he occupied the position of Kantor at St. Johannis, main church of the city of Plauen, for a period of two years. Concertante culminations of which were the rendering of the Brockes Passion, and the execution of the »Orgelsommer« – a weekly recurring series of concerts.

He graduated from »Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber Dresden«, having majored in harpsichord playing under prof. Ludger Rémy and Elina Albach in the early music/period keyboard instruments master’s programme. As part of his master’s thesis, which is dedicated to Bohemian Baroque composer Joseph Anton Sehling (1710-1756), he edited his »Messe Pastorale Beati Mites«.

Roy Heyne is Kantor of the Evangelical-Lutheran parish at Altenberg-Schellerhau. [Image: Ellen Liebner]